Welcome to my home for the holidays!
I love having friends over and I love visiting friends' homes. It just makes me feel closer to them. BooMama hosted a "Christmas Home" blog tour this week. I thought it would be fun to participate since so many of my friends live out of town. But, I was not ready, so I'm hosting mine today.

Not ready seems to be a theme for me this year. But I am getting close to ready...most of my Christmas shopping is done, my Christmas photos are printed and surely I will get my letter/cards out before New Year's. And now I'm ready to share my home and a few of my favorite things with you. I am so glad you stopped by for a visit!

Come on in. As you look up, you'll see a Christmas quilt hanging over the banister above the foyer. My mom made it, and loaned it to me to display.

To your right is my dining room. Kind of rustic and cozy. This is where we'll have Christmas breakfast and dinner. That corner cubbard to your left is where I display my long-awaited Christmas dishes. I bought them at Target one year during the after-Christmas-sale. My mom gave me the corner cubbard when she down-sized, and her Hoosier cubbard on the right, too. Also, see the quilt on the wall? My mom made it for me. It has old fashioned Santas and she chose colors to match my home. (Yes, I am one very blessed daughter and the only girl, so that helps!)

Let's go back to the left through our foyer. Here's our study. We hardly use this room but Chelsea (our precious pooch) sleeps here in the corner of the couch. Usually there's another absolutely gorgeous Christmas quilt my mom made for me, but this year she confiscated it to hang it in her living room. It looks so beautiful on my red walls but I am happy to share with the one who shares so generously with me!

Here is JJ's grandfather's roll top desk. This is where we put our nativity. If you look closely, you'll see that Jesus isn't there yet. We place Him in the manger Christmas morning.

Let's go in the family room and sit down for a few minutes. I'll light a fire and tell you about some of special things in this room.

The stockings hanging on the mantle were made by, guess who? Yes, mom. She started making them when the boys were babies. She also works full-time and loves to quilt, crochet, and be a good grandma so it took a few years. She gave them to us last Christmas. I love them!

The drummer boy is Andrew's, Lion and Lamb
is JJ's, Angel is mine (ha ha!), and the Nativity is Joshua's. Every single dot of color you see is needle point. Aren't they beautiful?

Now let me show you something I made. Not as impressive as mom's artwork, but it was easy to make and it made me feel so "home-maker-ish! It's my Advent wreath.

I bought a plain garland wreath, added a few candle holders, candle holder wreaths from Garden Ridge and some candles from the dollar store. I also wrapped a strand of white lights around it to make it sparkle even when the candles aren't burning.

We haven't started Advent... not ready until now. Guess we'll do the four days before Christmas instead of four weeks. If we don't start tomorrow, we'll do the four hours before Christmas if we have to.

Our living room leads into our breakfast area, where we actually eat breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. This is where you'll find me most of my days feeding children, helping with homework, writing radio shows, devotions, emailing, blogging, preparing retreat messages, drinking my coffee and meeting with my Jesus.

I holidazed it up a little with a tablecloth from HomeGoods, some whimsical candlesticks a friend gave me from her leftover Christmas goodies, garland on the chandelier (that used to be brass but I painted it black, can you tell I like to do that?) and a mistletoe ball from Target.

Now we're in my kitchen and if we keep walking we'll circle back around to the dining room and foyer. But let's stay here, pour a cup of cinnamon vanilla coffee and sit at my kitchen bar. I'd love to hear about your favorite Christmas decorations and traditions.

And if you you leave a comment (please include your email address and a link to your blog), you'll be part of a Christmas give-away I am doing tomorrow. Click here to read more about it. Remember, we'd love to hear about your favorite Christmas decorations and traditions.


Blogger Heather@Mommymonk said...

Very Christmasy, Renee. I love the fact that your mom made such great stuff for you. I have to admit my beautiful stockings were made by mom too! I guess we're both lucky.

I love the red walls!

Every Christmas I try to make something out of something I have. Don't remember where I saw this- but I took an old cashmere sweater, last Christmas, and cut it up, and added a scrap of beautiful paisley fabric, and voila, a custom throw pillow.

This year I'm taking an old wool sweater and turning it into a tote!

(See why I can't get rid of my old sweaters?!)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post...you have a beautiful home! Love your blog, too!
Merry Christmas!

Blogger Cheryl said...

Your home is so beautiful. It looks so comfy there. I enjoyed my visit here. Please enter me in the give away - tboydston@farmerstel.com - Thanks and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Blogger Laura said...

I love your decorations. I am impressed at how special your mom is to you. I lost my mom 4 years ago and I treasure everything she has made for me and my children. Thanks so much for letting me visit!
email: racefan768@hotmail.com
blog: www.alleganchurch.blogspot.com

Blogger Susan P. said...

Your home is so lovely and I especially love the colors you have incorporated into your decorating. Your Mom is such a talented lady and I know one day her things will become treasured heirlooms by you all. I would love to be entered in your giveaway, I'm Susan P. at
Merry Christmas!

Blogger Van said...

Loved being in your home today, visiting with you and the boys. They are so special. Can't wait to see the pics. Your blog looks like something out of Southern Living - exactly like your home. And to all of you who commented on the "warmth", Renee's home radiates love and an invitation to come back and sit a while.And YES , her mother is so talented.

Blogger Kathy b said...

Thank you for the tour.There is no such thing as "not ready" just as long as we get it all done. I love the colors you have painted your rooms, and your moms quilts are special. I have a quilt that was my moms,(a wedding gift she received,1941) but she didn't make it.

Anonymous Julie K said...

I love it that so many of your decorations have so much more personal meaning to your family. What a blessing.
Merry Christmas

Anonymous BLMOM said...

Those stockings are amazing! I am on the constant search for stockings that my kids will cherish. Indeed you are lucky! Beautiful home and blog.

Blogger Charlene Kidd said...

I love everything you did. Your home looks great. I was so inspired I did the home tour too.
Merry Christmas.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a lovely tour, and i like how you used the garland around the candle! what a great idea!

Blogger Holly said...

Love your home Renee!! Looks fantastic!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love proverbs 31 I read my devotion everyday. I also love your home & those stockings are just beautiful. Thanks for all you do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our favorite tradition is when our cousins Josh, Andrew and Daisy come to visit. The Dads play games and go hiking and biking with them...and fix lunch. And the Moms get to scrapbook!

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