A Party Postponed
Hi friends. I'm in urgent care waiting to see a doctor for a really yucky cold that turned into an upper respiratory infection. I've been sick since Sunday and I'm getting worse every day. Today I feel awwwwful.

I'm scheduled to speak in WV tomorrow night at a Christmas event, so I'm really sad about the whole timing of this. Please pray with me for complete and quick recovery.

This morning, I wanted to hop on quick to tell you about something fun and say a special welcome for new friends stopping by. My dear friend and P31 sister Karen Ehman is hosting "12 Days of Christmas Give-aways." Karen invited me to be her guest today and asked me to share a little about my family and me, and some ways I've learned de-stress Christmas decorating. I'm also giving away a few of my favorite things for Christmas so be sure to hop over to Karen's blog and enter to win!.

I also planned to share some decorating ideas, traditions and photos here, not knowing I'd be down for the count with this cold of mine! So, I'll need to postpone my little Christmas party. But I'll be back next week after my event, and I'll announce another Christmas give-away and ideas for the holidays! Until then, I'll be praying you and yours stay healthy and warm!

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Anonymous Emily B (emleepc@yahoo.com) said...

Hope you get well soon!! When momma is down with the sickness, nothing goes quite right!

Blogger mskanorado said...

Oh dear, this kind of stuff seems to be going around! I will be praying for a complete & quick recovery to you so you can get back to the swing of things! :)

Praying you get better....I know WV will love some Renee Swope!

Blogger Trish Preston said...

Praying for your speedy recovery! Doesn't it seem like less you have time to get sick, the more likely you are to come down with something?

Anonymous Cindy Cummings said...

Prayers for healing my sweet sister in Christ!

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