Summer Vacation
I hope you are having or had a great summer! I can't believe it's almost over. The past two weeks, post She Speaks and book completion, have gone by so quickly. Although I had planned to blog, I needed/wanted to just hang out with my family and catch up on life at home and not think a whole lot. My gang gave up so much of me while I wrote my book, so now I am making up for all the fun we put on hold. Check out facebook to see our most recent adventure that included a lost and found Saint Bernard!

JJ is taking the next week off from work and we're having a "summer stay-cation." Our boys start school August 30th. So, I'll be back in early September with some new posting plans. In the mean time if you want to stay in touch, let's connect through Facebook. Just click on my profile in the sidebar and you will find my page.