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Hi friends! I have so missed talking with you. It's been a crazy busy but good week. I keep telling myself I need to blog about something meaningful and so I start thinking about what I am learning and can share with you, and then someone's hungry, another someone needs clean clothes and the other someone needs help with homework and, boom - it's time for bed! So tonight I decided to give up on "something meaningful" and just pop in to say hi! I have great intentions of coming back tomorrow with meaningful :-).

I've been writing like a crazy woman the past few days. I am so proud of myself. I wrote 10 radio shows and turned them in last weekend, and I have 10 more to write that are due tomorrow. It's all part of this ambitious goal I have to get extra radio shows recorded so I can have them "banked" for Spring months that are busy with speaking and traveling. Since I'm taking this month off from speaking, I decided to record 20 radio in 2 weeks! (I usually record 20 shows in 2 months.) I know, call me crazy! But then please say a little prayer that my brain and my voice can do this. I will feel so good if I can get ahead.

And you know what's really cool? You have been helping me! I've been going through your comments on my blog to decide what posts would make relevant radio shows. I read through your thoughts and stories. Then based on what you share that you're going through that ties in with something I wrote, God shows me what we women need for encouragement! It's so hard to know what to talk in our one-minute shows, so you are my little focus group. I really should be paying you! But since that's not really possible, I want you to know I so appreciate your willingness to do and talk about life here with me through your comments.

Oh, and I worked on my book outline this week. Yay!! And guess what? You helped me with it, too. This post that tied in with this post and this one and so many others where you poured out your hearts and shared your stories and life lessons, were God's way of saying "these should be somewhere in a chapter." And if there are others posts that you think tie in with a woman's self-doubt, please tell me. I'll also be doing some Mr.Linky soon to get you to share posts from your blogs.

Before I go to bed, I also wanted to thank you for praying for Leah last week. Her tests came back normal. The doctor said she had all of the signs of a panic attack. She said I could share that with you. It's part of a story God's been writing in her life for years and one God has used to minister to other women in powerful ways. I can't wait for her to share more on her blog or here one day. I think her attack was also spiritual warfare because it happened when it did and the director of the event couldn't sleep that night either. I so appreciate you praying for her and asking about her. Your prayers have been such a gift to her and me!



Blogger Victoria said...

Praise God for Leah's good report. I pray right now in Jesus' name that God will take that anxiety from her and give her His peace. Amen! God bless and congratulations on getting so much done.

Blogger Wrinkled Shirts said...

You can be meaningful without trying to be meaningful. Thanks for letting us know what's been going on. We like it when you pop in. I'm so thankful Leah's report came back good.
Paula G. <><

Blogger JottinMama said...

I'm so glad Leah is okay! Praise God :)

And I'm real happy to hear that you have gotten some radio shows written and that you got to work on your book outline! Please know, I will be praying that you continue to get ahead and that you find peace and God's presence in it all!

I'm so thankful for your blog!

Blessings and Prayers,
Kate :)

Blogger Joyful said...

I so enjoy reading about every day life in your home and all your happenings. It's all meaningful, because YOU are meaningful.

Thrilled to hear about Leah's report. Wondering also how your cousin and your friend are doing (Marybeth and Kim)? Continuing in prayer for them. Trust they too are knowing God's presence and peace.

Rejoicing in all the Lord is enabling you to accomplish. I'll keep praying.

Love ya,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Hey Renee,

Glad to hear that Leah's doing ok. I think it is good sometimes just to talk about everyday life. Sometimes it is good to hear that you have the same every day struggles that we do.
Happy to hear about all the writing, I am sure that is a lot off your mind.

Blogger Sarah said...

So happy to hear Leah is fine. Praise God! Your post today made you seem like a friend. Thanks for just taking the time to say hi.

Blogger Mocha with Linda said...

I always enjoy reading you, even if it's just that you are helping with homework and washing clothes! That encourages the rest of us!

Woohoo on getting ahead on more radio spots. I always smile when I hear your voice! And Lysa's too. And I'm getting where I can tell before you introduce yourself which one is talking!

Blogger Oh Dear said...

Congratulations on being ahead-what does that feel like? :)

Blogger lisasmith said...

So very glad Leah's tests were all normal. I am praising God for this and praying for peace that surpasses all understanding in her life. :)

Renee, I just clicked and browsed past posts that you linked to. I love your heart, girl!!! Through tears, I will tell you that doubt has kept me silent and unserving for years. This year, 2009, is my year of yes. Without hesitation I will say yes to whatever God calls me to wherever He calls to do it. As a result I have my first speaking engagement this summer...a ladies retreat in June. Silencing the doubts that bombard my mind is one of my greatest struggles. That is why it is so important to be able to assault them with God's precious words of life.

Count me in on buying an autographed copy of your book!

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