Thanks & Congratulations!
Thank you so much for your prayers this weekend! I could really feel them while I was traveling and speaking at the Christ Community Church's women's retreat in Sumter, SC Friday and Saturday. There was an amazing sense of God's anointing on the whole event and lots of spiritual warfare, too.

My very dear friend, Leah, who is also my speaking ministry/travel assistant, woke up from a deep sleep Friday night with a racing heartbeat. She felt like her heart was pounding out of her chest. After 15 minutes of praying, she woke me up (much to her dismay) at 1am to lay hands on her and pray. It was so scary. But, through the power of prayer and the presence of God's Spirit, peace came over her and she was able to lay down. However, she couldn't get back to sleep so she prayed all night for me and for every detail and person who would be part of the event. Bless her heart.

She is such an important part of the ministry God has called me to. I can't even tell you how much God has used her in the past few months to listen to, encourage, serve, help with the details, keep me organized, prayed for and just strengthened in so many ways. We would treasure your prayers for her. She's going to have a physical this week and of course the enemy is trying to distract her with what is going on. If you have a minute to leave her a prayer here, I would so appreciate it.

Leah is also the one who randomly, but very prayerfully, chooses each week's winners. Then she sends them to me to post, contacts them by email for addresses and coordinates them being mailed from the office. So, now it's time to congratulate those of you that God lead Leah to choose for last week's winners! Congratulations....

Samina ( the winner of Mining for Gold in the Heart of Your Child Chart

Margaret ( is the winner of Angela Thomas' best-seller "My Single Mom Life"

Denise ( is the winner of "Learning to Live Financially Free" by Marybeth Whalen

RefreshMom is the winner of "Total Money Make-Over" by Dave Ramsey

Holly ( is the winner of Mining for Gold in the Heart of Your Child Chart

Pam ( is the winner of George Barna's "Revolutionary Parenting"

Rebecca ( is the winner of Finding Home by Jim Daly

Nikki ( is the winner of the D6 gift pack with a D6 Mom Tshirt and a year's worth of Family Devotional Magazines from D6.

Anna ( is the winner of "Learning to Live Financially Free" by Marybeth Whalen

Stacey ( is the winner of Total Money Make-Over by Dave Ramsey

Paula G. ( is the winner of 2 tickets to the D6 Conference


Blogger Victoria said...

Dear Heavenly Father, please give Leah your healing touch. Lord, only you know what it is that she needs and I claim that by the stripes that Jesus bore, that she is healed. God, when she goes for her physical, let her be in perfect health, all for Your Glory. Touch her and give her Your peace. We agree and claim this, in Jesus'name, Amen.

Blogger Sarah said...

Father in heaven
Thank You for your servant Leah. I pray that you would heal her heart Lord and any other symptoms she may have. Bless her with great health please Lord.
In Jesus name

Blogger Wrinkled Shirts said...

I'm praying for Leah, please keep us posted.

I can't believe I won the D6 tickets, actually, yes I can because God is so good and He so knows I need this conference. He knows I need every bit of wisdom and encouragement I can get from people like you and my husband's hero Dave Ramsey! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel so blessed!

Paula G.

Blogger MDearing said...

Bless you and the servies you do for our Lord. I pray that doctors have wisdom to identify your needs and more so that you know THE Healer will continue to care for you physical, emotionally, and spiritually. Peace and wellness to you.

Blogger Samina said...

Dear Renee ~

I am definitely saying a prayer for Leah as well as you as you both journey through what God has called you both to do ~ to minister to us ladies who are in desperate need of guidance and understanding of what God has called US to do / be as mothers, wives, women.

I can't believe I won the Mining for Gold in the Heart of Your Child (CD and Character Chart) from you!! I have never won I can never say never! Thank you so much for blessing me with this...I can't wait to put it to good use. My 5 year old daughter is the light of my life, and I want nothing more than to help her discover what God has in store for her!

Sweet Blessings,

Blogger Jolene said...

Dear Lord,

Please wrap Leah in your comfort during this time. Be with the doctor and give him or her wisdom. Please heal Leah, and help her to feel your presence greatly in her life. I thank you for her ministry. In the beautiful name of your son I pray. Amen

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leah, please know you will now be in my prayers. God is our greatest defender and will stand next to you to overcome any defeat! God bless and keep you,


Blogger Evalyn said...

Your blog really spoke to me. I have been unemployed for 3 months and am seeking God's face throughout all of this.

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